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Working with FAB Counsel is one of the best decisions we've made for our company. From the beginning they impressed us with their professionalism, attention to detail, and consistency. Every two weeks we meet to review progress and the results are always more than expected. The Fab counsel team has actionable insights for us that we can implement right after each meeting for both our social media and affiliate programs. Since working with Fab counsel, we've seen our affiliate revenue go from nothing to a 15% increase of our monthly revenue, and our social media following has almost doubled each month. I can't speak highly enough of Fab counsel, and my only regret is that we didn't sign up sooner! Emmanuel of Satin Lined Caps: Client
In our first month of working together, our sales grew by 80%. FAB Counsel’s efforts were the injection that made the difference in our business and I can see our stats getting better everywhere too — twitter, facebook, yelp and mailchimp. Thank you AGAIN for your hard work! Sebastian of Touch Vinyl: Client
Enrico and Mary from FAB Counsel are truly a rare breed being both down to earth and highly professional. As a young professional with a new start up business I've found that their energy, consistent guidance, and strategic consulting has been invaluable to my project. Since the beginning, I have been extremely pleased with the feedback and communication that FAB Counsel has provided me with and I look forward to our growth together. Sam of Peacenik Project: Client
Mary and FAB Counsel are great project partners. They added incredible value to one of our client’s social media campaigns. From the beginning I felt comfortable with her being an extension of our team and representing our interests. This is something we do not take lightly and they rose to the occasion with incredible professionalism and team spirit. They are sharp and savvy with a cooperative spirit that is best in class. We were lucky to work with them and will continue to partner with them for years to come. Jess of Media 2x3: Client + Professional Colleague
Mary and Enrico at the FAB Counsel demonstrate time and time again the power of intentions and expectation, fulfilling the seemingly unattainable desires of their clients with effortlessness. They are our go-to for projects and activities related to fashion and fashion marketing. Robert of Kimura & Browne: Professional Colleague
FAB Counsel is an absolute honor to work with. They are so on it & is helping me stay organized in a way that I know I could not do by myself!! They helped me get my jewelry on Tyra Banks, connect with a showroom, land retail accounts, negotiate with manufacturers and improve my social media! I honestly wouldn’t know how to navigate the fashion industry without them. They are really helping me make my dreams come true from the ground up! Natalia of Natalia Benson: Client
My husband & I met with Mary of FAB COUNSEL in June 2013 and her evaluation helped us understand all of the steps in between product idea and retail sales. We discussed the niche market our designs appealed to and how to strengthen our brand message. After my consultation with Mary, I saw all of the little steps my husband & I had glossed over in our business plans. I left her office with a better understanding of the impact choosing the right type of models makes; how their image needs to embody our brand. I also learned about the importance of using engaging, lifestyle photos and how to tie everything together to solidify our overall branding. We've been working on these points ever since and are preparing to launch our new website this Spring. Without Mary, we would have been lost in the fashion world, not knowing how to use or optimize the tools and skills we already had. She gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed to make great strides with our fashion line. We will be forever grateful and look forward to showing her how far we've come. Tiese of Nekosen Designs: Client

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