FAB Counsel, which stands for Fashion and Business Counsel, specializes in helping fashion, culture and lifestyle companies launch, grow and innovate!  We know and realize the importance of originality, brand authenticity, and technology in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we blend our knowledge in branding, retail, PR, and social media marketing to bring your business INNOVATIVE solutions and REAL quantifiable results.

Aside from working with clients, FAB Counsel also functions as a digital school for fashion and lifestyle entrepreneurs. We provide free resources like articles, newsletters, videos, webinars, as well as online courses, that talk about business development, marketing, PR, and social media. Through our array of offerings, we’re accomplishing our mission of helping fashion and lifestyle companies kick ass!



We offer services that do one thing, make our clients money! To do that, we analyze their entire business to determine which areas need help & improvement. This is where our expertise in retail sales strategy, branding, PR, content building, & social media strategy & marketing come to play. We use that to create a plan designed to increase our clients’ revenue & profitability.


We’re holistic thinkers and understand that a company must start with a strong foundation to achieve a lasting profitable life. That’s why we examine our clients’ ENTIRE business, not just sales. Poor sales is a symptom of a shaky foundation. Our goal is to help you launch with a solid base or find the crack within your current foundation so that you can grow & innovate.

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You can work with us in a variety of ways. First is by taking advantage of our free resources, like our blog articles, videos & newsletters. Second is by utilizing our informative online courses & taking part in our webinars & seminars. Third is by working with us one-on-one through our services in coaching, consulting, launch strategy, social media & PR.


We are a team of young, innovative and passionate creatives who just happen to help people kick ass by growing sales and achieving their business goals. Our executive team has a combined 20+ years in the fashion industry, all of which is from their experience building brands, running & managing stores, and growing multi-million dollar retail businesses. Read about them below!


Enrico Moses - FAB Counsel

Enrico Moses

Creative Officer

Enrico joined FAB Counsel to assist with creating our branding elements & formulating company-wide strategies. His 13+ years of fashion industry experience comes from owning a mens boutique, repping & managing contemporary menswear brands, & consulting for various retail stores. He’s also the owner & chief curator of the digital publication, 7 Days Theory, which focuses on helping people “Live life with passion!”

Mary Vallarta - FAB Counsel

Mary Vallarta


Mary acquired her 9+ years of fashion industry experience in the buying offices of Macy’s, BCBG, Metropark, & Bebe. There, she learned what retailers look for in brands, what stores need to grow & expand, and how to successfully market & sell to customers. Mary uses these skills to work with our clients and create resources for our readers & online students. When she’s not busy with FAB Counsel, you can find her obsessing over food & travel.


These are the awesome companies & organizations we’ve partnered with on a variety of events & campaigns:



A list of the companies & organizations we had the honorary pleasure of working with:


Customer Testimonials


FAB Counsel is an absolute honor to work with. They are so on it & is helping me stay organized in a way that I know I could not do by myself!! They helped me get my jewelry on Tyra Banks, connect with a showroom, land retail accounts, negotiate with manufacturers and improve my social media! I honestly wouldn’t know how to navigate the fashion industry without them. They are really helping me make my dreams come true from the ground up!                             Natalia of Natalia Benson Jewelry
In our first month of working together, our sales grew by 80%. FAB Counsel’s efforts were the injection that made the difference in our business and I can see our stats getting better everywhere too — twitter, facebook, yelp and mailchimp. Thank you AGAIN for your hard work! Sebastian of Touch Vinyl
What can I say about FAB Counsel. They're the best in the BIZ. Our company Buttons & Bows in DTLA was a start up last year in 2011 and they're pretty much responsible for growing it to what it is today. A business! They gave us an unbelievable rate/ deal we couldn't refuse. We had no idea what they could do for a fashion boutique such as ours. They helped us from start up concepts, buying advice, pricing, store operations, but most importantly they put us on the map. They are Houdini's in social media and gets you all the right press contacts to feature you! Could not not recommend them enough. Monique of Buttons and Bows
My husband & I met with Mary of FAB COUNSEL in June 2013 and her evaluation helped us understand all of the steps in between product idea and retail sales. We discussed the niche market our designs appealed to and how to strengthen our brand message. After my consultation with Mary, I saw all of the little steps my husband & I had glossed over in our business plans. I left her office with a better understanding of the impact choosing the right type of models makes; how their image needs to embody our brand. I also learned about the importance of using engaging, lifestyle photos and how to tie everything together to solidify our overall branding. We've been working on these points ever since and are preparing to launch our new website this Spring. Without Mary, we would have been lost in the fashion world, not knowing how to use or optimize the tools and skills we already had. She gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed to make great strides with our fashion line. We will be forever grateful and look forward to showing her how far we've come. Tiese of Nekosen Designs


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Store or Brand Launch

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Blogger or Influencer Program

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Project-Based PR

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Socia Media Set-Up

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Social Media Training

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Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Management

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