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April 22, 2014

The 40 Top Fashion Companies Dominating in Social Media

Social media is one the best newest marketing platforms for fashion companies! Unlike years past when fashion brands and retailers had to rely mainly on publications like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar to reach their audiences, social media has given them an interactive outlet that offers direct engagement with their target customers. It’s so easy for fashion companies to announce their sales on Facebook, broadcast their runway shows on YouTube, share their new arrivals on PinterestInstagram, and have a dialogue with their customers on Twitter. No wonder there are over 1 billion people on Facebook worldwide (Social Media Today). No wonder YouTube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any cable network (Buffer App). And no wonder 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media (Social Media Today)! It would be a crime not to to engage with the huge audience that’s on social media! That is why these fashion companies are spending a ton of time and money on social media advertising, social media campaigns, and working with social media specialists.

Another very influential force that came out of social media that many brands are learning to leverage are fashion bloggers! These vocal individuals can amass thousands and even millions of followers who rely on them for advice and opinions on what to buy & wear. In fact, 61% of consumers make a purchase based on a blog post (Digital Sherpa) and 70% of consumers learn about companies through blogs instead of ads (Entrepreneur). Therefore, many fashion companies collaborate with digital influencers to appeal to their audience in hopes of converting them into their customers. Couple this with a strong and continuous social media presence and you have a recipe for an engaged fan-base in the digital space!

To show you which brands are dominating the social media scene, we’ve devised a list of the 40 Top Fashion Companies Dominating Social Media In 2014. Check out if your fashion brand made the list below! Top40InfographTopFin2 As cool & hip as our infographic may be, we know that just simply listing down the top 40 fashion companies that are dominating social media doesn’t necessarily help you improve your own social media presence. So, to aid in your efforts, we’ve devised a SUPER informative e-book specifically designed for fashion companies who want to start or improve their social media activities:

* Explains what social media is & why it’s important
* The different types of social media
* Why & how to use social media
* The 6 steps to use social media effectively
* Examples of good & bad posts
* How social media is changing

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How To Use Social Media For Fashion Companies

Now, you have the tools to begin your social media domination! Who knows, maybe you’ll make our list next year! This extensive blog post was written by the executive team of FAB Counsel. To learn how they can help your fashion company leverage social media, check out their services or email them directly. 
The numbers below were gathered in April 2014. They may vary slightly from the companies’ current numbers based on daily new likes & followers.

Fashion Company: Facebook URL  Facebook Likes
Converse 39731122
Victoria’s Secret 24570833
Adidas Originals 23101024
Levi’s 21276014
Burberry 20807922
H&M 18310776
Louis Vuitton 18310776
Nike 17155566
Zara 17033432
Kohls 15956967
Hollister 14127560
Forever21 13419137
Coach 13299285
Lacoste 13236527
Dior 13024996
DC Shoes 12588412
Adidas 11597938
Chanel 11593913
Puma 11335366
Macys 11328593
GUCCI 10927873
Aeropostale 10185091
American Eagle 9577098
VANS 9098069
Calvin Klein 8797401
Abercrombie & Fitch 8549450
Dolce & Gabbana 8441813
Tommy Hilfiger 8348241
Old Navy 8164123
Ralph Lauren 7551773
Bershka 6626920
Hugo Boss 6303239
Tiffany 6089797
Michael Kors 6002911
Armani 5847394
Hot Topic 5503456


 Fashion Companies Social URL  Twitter Followers
Dior 4074000
Chanel 4053000
Victoria’s Secret 3077000
H&M 3034000
Nike 3001000
Louis Vuitton 2097000
Burberry 2082000
Dolce & Gabbana 2019000
Michael Kors 1091000
Calvin Klein 1073000
Adidas Originals 1068000
Forever21 1044000
Armani 1041000
Gucci 1005000
Tiffany 910000
Adidas 888000
Topshop 823000
Ralph Lauren 698000
Hollister 659000
Asos 654000
Puma 543000
Coach 542000
Lacoste 528000
Tommy Hilfiger 525000
Abercrombie & Fitch 513000
Vans 502000
Levi’s 441000
Macys 440000
Converse 429000
DC Shoes 418000
Zara 398000
Hot Topic 297000
American Eagle 292000
Aeropostale 258000
Hugo Boss 238000
Old Navy 212000
Kohls 185000
Bershka 176000
Guess 166000
Bebe 71100


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