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5 Things Entrepreneurs Do That Induce Stress

As fashion entrepreneurs, we tend to wear many hats on a daily basis. This can sometimes make our lives pretty stressful – would you agree?

That’s why stress isn’t really something you can totally avoid. In fact, there is such a thing called good stress.

That’s the kind of stress that gives you the endorphins to kick some major ass in high pressure situations. You usually end up feeling so happy and accomplished afterwards.

But that’s not the stress I was asking that you’re guilty of.

What I’m referring to is the stress that does your body harm. The one that can negatively affect your health and relationships.

Watch the latest #FABCounselTV episode to find out the 5 Things Entrepreneurs Do That Induce Stress. 

I can almost guarantee that every one of us have been guilty of at least 1, if not all the things I will mention.

But the point isn’t to shame ourselves. It’s to be conscious of our behaviors so that we don’t waste valuable time and money stressing about things that do us no good!

So do yourself a favor, watch the video so that you can make sure to keep these behaviors on check!

After all, your fashion business depends on it.

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