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September 13, 2016

7 Surefire Ways To Deter Distraction


Distraction is a huge reason why so many fashion entrepreneurs, or any entrepreneur for that matter, never get the business they dream about. Whether they were distracted by projects, hype, people – all these factors deterred them from achieving what they sought out to do.


My goal is to help you cut through all that crap by sharing 7 surefire ways that I’ve deterred distraction from consuming my business.


As you watch, you’ll see that my tips have nothing to do with making rules about “cutting down on facebook surfing or watching TV.”


I believe it’s deeper than that, which is why my suggestions are rooted in uncovering behavioral causes that lead you to be distracted.


That’s right, we get a little deep, than usual, in this video.


So, sit back, relax and uncover how you can truly understand how to change your thinking and behaviors that cause distraction to impact your life.


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