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Hi, I’m Mary Vallarta! I’m a first time mom, business woman, lover of style, self proclaimed foodie, notorious problem solver, creator, and people connector!
Aside from FAB Counsel, I also created The Digital Influencer Lab, an annual conference that inspires, connects, and fosters relationships between brands and online fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers. I then write and share my experiences as a mom and business owner on my personal lifestyle blog in hopes to inspire further growth within myself and amongst other moms in the world. Finally (for the time being), I am an instructor at the Los Angeles Technical College where I teach fashion marketing and entrepreneurship.
During a talk at The Digital Influencer Lab

My mission with FAB Counsel is to show fashion entrepreneurs, like you, how to create a profitable business that you love! That means running a company that reflects your creativity, values, and lifestyle.
Born in the Philippines and raised in Los Angeles – I didn’t grow up with much. So, everything I have, I had to hustle for. With guidance from my family and teachers, I moved on from high school to UCLA where I graduated Cum Laude. I then worked as a fashion buyer at an early age, for retailers such as Macy’s, BCBG, Metropark, and Bebe.
Being a buyer was great but I itched for more creative freedom that would allow me to work and really help people. That’s when the idea of FAB Counsel was born, and my goal at the time was to help fashion businesses succeed. I began consulting with new independent designers, as well as established companies. It turned into a profitable 6-figure venture.
But while I was doing that, I realized that I didn’t feel right about advising clients on certain traditional retail practices. Like:

  • Why do designers have to come up with an entirely new collection every season?
  • Why do stores have to trick people into thinking that they’re getting a good deal?
  • Why are certain brands and retailers OK with being a part of shady labor practices?

That’s when FAB Counsel and fashion as a whole no longer sat right with me. In fact, I thought about quitting altogether.
But then, something amazing happened. I started seeing companies that fuse their mission and values into their unique fashion businesses.
Toms made it possible for their company to give shoes to children in need – the “one for one” model. Everlane discloses the cost of their merchandise to their customers – their mission of “radical transparency”. David Kind (who’s also one of my awesome clients) makes shopping online for prescription glasses convenient and personalized by pairing each customer with a certified optician. These companies didn’t follow the traditional model nor did they want to!
This made me see the industry in a whole new light. I realized that fashion is filled with brilliant innovative thinkers who happen to be good people too! I was so inspired that I decided to follow in their footsteps and pivot FAB Counsel.
Instead of just showing you how to get a successful fashion business, I now also focus on teaching you how to create one that is aligned with your unique vision, personal values and lifestyle.
Make money with fashion
It’s to show you that making money in fashion can be aligned with a great mission! In my experience, this makes for happy, fulfilled and successful entrepreneurs who continue to make a difference in the life of others.
Toms did it. Everlane did. I did it.
Why can’t you?
The answer is, you can! The first step is believing it.
Together, let’s manifest your vision of a fashion business that you’ll love!
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