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Are You Getting Your Pinterest On?

Is anyone as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? I have boards for shoes, accessories, seasonal collections, fashion inspirations, style trends, food cravings, art, and more! Hey, it beats having to cut out pictures and then pinning them on an actual board. Such a space saver, right?! Why did it take so long for a product like this to come out? As fashionistas know, it’s critical to always have images of style inspiration and the latest fashion trends easily visible and accessible to help make our jobs easier. It is also such an important marketing tool when used in an effective way. Say you own an e-commerce site. You can use Pinterest to place images of your inventory that link back to your web store. Or say you are a stylist. You can place pictures of your various projects on Pinterest that can link back to your site. Pinterest increases your site’s access to more viewers and visitors, which means more business for you! So if you’re not already on Pinterest, get on it ASAP and start experimenting.

Like any other social media tool, there are tips and tricks to harnessing Pinterest’s full potential.

Tip #1: Sync with your Facebook. Follow your friends so that they can follow you back.

Tip #2: Tweet or post your pinnings on FB to increase more viewers.

Tip #3: Like twitter, use @ and hashtags.

Tip #4: Use original pictures. Don’t just repin other people’s pins. You want your followers to come to you for inspiring images.

Tip #5: Like and repin at an appropriate amount. It’s about reciprocity.

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