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Is Brick + Mortar Retail Dead?

If you own a store or at least have considered operating one, then you’ve probably heard the chatter about brick + mortar stores going away and being replaced by e-commerce.


I, of course, want you to watch this video to hear my answer, but to put things in perspective, here are 3 things for you to think about when it comes to shopping:

  • Nothing can replace physical touch. Certain people want to see, feel and try on merchandise in person and some goods need to be seen in real life. Things like wedding dresses, suits, cars. Get me?
  • Urgency! Customers can’t wait for everything to be delivered. Imagine you lost your luggage on a trip and had no way of purchasing clothes at a nearby store.
  • Customer service. Some people actually like and rely on the expertise of the sales associates. That’s why you see stylists or consultants at Nordstroms, Barney’s, and some high-end boutiques.


So what do you think my answer is and more importantly, is asking whether brick and mortar is dead even the real question we should be talking about? I think the real question is, how are store owners + brands adapting to this shift that is caused by e-commerce.


That’s what I also talk about in this video. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!




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