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How Two Friends Turned a Passion Project into a Business with Maiedae

It’s no secret that we here FAB Counsel are big fans of bloggers. We work with them often, have strong…

Closets for Causes
August 4, 2014

Talia Bella Brings Philanthropy to the Fashion World With Closets for Causes

It almost seems like too simple of an idea. Celebrities have too many clothes than they know what to do…

Why Buy Second Hand Fashion When You Can Swap With Swapdom?
July 1, 2014

Never Have To Buy Clothes Again With The New Fashion App, Swapdom

With second-hand shopping becoming increasingly more popular, it’s no surprise that the Internet is in on the game as well….

Rachel Schwartzmann of The Style Line
March 10, 2014

The Style Line’s Rachel Schwartzmann On Storytelling With Style

(Featured image above is courtesy of Jinna Yang) When I say fashion blog, you probably envision a girl or guy posing in…

FashionMingle Fashion PR
February 2, 2014

Share, Discover, and Socialize with

Breaking into the fashion biz can be intimidating and scary. Fashion is constantly changing (..and as of lately merging with…

February 1, 2014

Mimoona: Crowdfunding for Fashion

One of the biggest tasks designers have is making sure what they are creating something for the world and leaving…