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How To Create A PR Plan


The fashion business is all about image, which is why PR is a very important activity to begin, manage and strengthen, when the time is right. [Learn about when to hire a PR firm]


There are few different ways to handle your company’s publicity. One way is to hire a PR firm. Another is to hire a freelance publicist. Another is to hire your own full-time publicist who will be a part of your internal team. The last option is for you, the owner, to do it yourself.


Whichever option you choose, remember that before any PR activity begins, you MUST have a PR plan!


This will serve as your blueprint to how you will execute your PR objectives based on your overall business goals. After all, PR is there to support the financial success of your company.


Watch the video to discover the simple steps behind HOW TO CREATE A PR PLAN.


After you watch the video, you may think to yourself, now what? What do I do about the other aspects of my business like marketing, distribution, management, customer growth? We will delve into that and more at my upcoming online workshop, How To Start + Grow A Fashion Brand That Sells! If you want to be prepared to launch and expand your fashion brand, register here.