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Problem #1: With the number of blogs that are currently out there, many bloggers are struggling to differentiate themselves from their counterparts. In fact, there over 6.5 million blogs just on blogging sites alone!

So how do bloggers get noticed? But a more important question, where will they go to access information that will explain how to discover voice & niche, cultivate their audience or community, and monetize their blog?
Problem #2: Navigating through the millions of blogs out there can be a time-consuming job for any company. Isn’t there a more convenient way to meet with digital influencers and learn more about how to effectively work them!
Look no further!
We at FAB Counsel have teamed up with the experienced members of the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogging community to produce and host DISCOVER. CULTIVATE. MONETIZE: A Digital Influencer Lab. This is a day-long highly intensive training that is designed for 2 things:
* To teach digital influencers (aka bloggers) how to DISCOVER their voice, CULTIVATE their community, & MONETIZE their blog.
* To educate companies on how to work with bloggers & to provide a time & space to meet with them! Network with digital influencers in 1 roof!
The workshops will be led by industry experts and successful influencers (aka bloggers), themselves. In addition to the workshops, there will be a panel discussion made up of some of the top bloggers in the nation. To close thing up with a bang, we’ve got a Shop & Mingle – Closing Party in store for you! Sip on cocktails, network, enjoy the music, and do a little shopping. Our chosen brands will be giving you all a very special discount. Use this time to get to know the brands as they are looking for bloggers to partner with!
And the best part: 10% of our proceeds will benefit the non-profit organization, A Place Called Home. They provide a safe haven in South Central Los Angeles where underserved youth are empowered to take ownership of the quality and direction of their lives through programs in education, arts, and well-being; and are inspired to make a meaningful difference in their community and the world. You can rest assured that your ticket purchases will go to a great cause!
This is event is for:

* Individuals looking to start a blog within the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle space.
* New & current bloggers who are now ready to kick things in full gear – meaning you want to turn that blogging hobby into a business!
* Companies looking to connect with bloggers.
* Companies who want to learn the best ways to work with bloggers.

We are so honored to have these amazingly successful bloggers be a part of DISCOVER. CULTIVATE. MONETIZE: A Digital Influencer Lab:
Jackie Aina of Makeup Game On PointJackie Aina of Makeup Game On Point: For those of you unfamiliar with Jackie, she has been providing her audience beauty tips & tutorials in hair and make-up both on her blog and YouTube. In fact, this woman has amassed over 230,000 followers on social media and over 166,000 just on YouTube alone. Aside from her work as a digital influencer, Jackie is also a professional makeup artist specializing in editorial and commercial work. We can’t wait for Jackie’s workshop Why & How To Get Started With Vlogging.
Menswear BloggerEnrico Moses of 7 Days Theory: Enrico created 7 Days Theory as an outlet to inspire people to follow their passion through thoughtful interviews of exceptional individuals and by sharing his life, with a heavy concentration on his personal style and music. Having had his own clothing line, menswear boutique, and fashion tech startup all before the age of 30, Enrico is an experienced veteran in the business of fashion and retail. Through his blog, he has worked with brands & retailers like Athletic Recon, Gents, Nordstrom, Revolve, and REI. As a result, he was able to sell $30,000 worth of product for his retail & brand partners. Having had his blog for only a little over a year, Enrico has also managed to amass over 15,000 social media followers. We’re so excited to see his workshop on The Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog.


SazanSazan Barzani of SAZAN.ME: Sazan is a triple threat as she is a style expert, tv personality and sought-after fashion blogger! Through, she provides like-minded fashion addicts personal style tips while giving them a space to motivate and inspire each other. Having spent 2 years developing her platform, Sazan has been featured on Lucky, Marie Claire, Seventeen Magazine and Pop Sugar. She has worked with celebrities, brands and media companies such as Eva Mendes, Bebe, KTLA 5, and the CW San Diego. Sazan has over 120,000 social media followers, making her an influential force in the digital space. This dynamic woman is the perfect influencer to lead the workshop on The Work Ethic Of Successful Bloggers.
Heidi Nazarudin of The Successful Style: Before becoming a digital influencer, Heidi worked as an investment banker and as CEO of a Tokyo-based Nasdaq company all before the age of 28. Frustrated with the corporate world and yearning to express her creativity, Heidi decided to start a blog catered to a niche that she knows very well, the niche of stylish, professional and successful women. She also runs Blogger Babes, an LA-based network designed to help foster the growth of digital influencers. Heidi has over 107,000 social media followers. We’re so looking forward to hearing Heidi lead the workshop on Discovering Your Niche & Engaging Your Audience, which is what you need to do to stand out & get noticed!
Kathy Patalsky of Healthy, Happy Life: Kathy is a vegan food blogger & author. Her blog, reaches millions of vegan-curious individuals (over 240,000 social media followers), each seeking delicious, craveable, fun, inspiring, plant-based recipes and vegan lifestyle advice. She also founded Finding Vegan, a website which allows food bloggers to share their vegan recipe blog posts via an image-based, constantly updated, browse-able photo gallery website. Finding Vegan continues to thrive as more and more people become hungry for a wide variety of vegan recipes (over 340,000 social media followers)! Lasty, Kathy wrote and photographed the book 365 Vegan Smoothies, published by Penguin/Avery in July 2013. She is currently working on her second book, Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen, scheduled for release in 2015 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. We’re so happy to have Kathy be a part of the panel discussion, How To Start Working With Brands & Get Paid For It!


headshot2Mary Vallarta of FAB Counsel: Mary is the co-founder of FAB Counsel, a digital marketing, consulting, and PR agency dedicated to helping fashion, culture, and lifestyle businesses launch, grow & innovate! She is also the chief writer and content director of the FAB Counsel blog, which produces content about the fashion business, retail, social media, blogger outreach, and other forms of digital marketing. Mary has over 9+ years of fashion retail experience from working in the buying offices of Macy’s, BCBG, Metropark, & Bebe. There, she learned what retailers look for in brands, what stores need to grow & expand, and how to successfully market & sell to customers. Mary uses these skills to work with clients and create resources for FAB Counsel readers & online students. When she’s not busy with FAB Counsel, you can find her obsessing over food & travel. We’re psyched to have Mary speak lead the workshop on What You Should Be Doing Outside of Blogging To Increase Your Profile.
Roxy LimonRoxy Limon of All Things Roxy: Roxy started a blog in hopes of changing the way people see fashion. Shortly after, she started her own YouTube channel and became the stylist on the show called Make Me Over on AwesomenessTV with the host, Bethany Mota aka Macbarbie07. Since then, Roxy’s YouTube following quickly grew, leading her to reach over 2 million views and over 66,000 subscribers in just 2 years. She’s worked with companies brands & stores like Stella & Jamie, Lookbook Store, & Nordstroms. We can’t wait wait to hear from Roxy on the panel discussion, How To Start Working With Brands & Make Money Doing It!
Sharzad KiadehSharzad Kiadeh of LuxLyfe: Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Cupertino to be exact, Sharzad moved to LA over a decade ago to attend UCLA. She graduated with a degree in Sociology and subsequently began trying to figure out what she was meant to do with herself. Shortly after she entered the real world, a career in the makeup and beauty industry blossomed and proved to be the creative outlet she had always longed for. Overtime, the need to do more itched inside her and she launched her blog and YouTube channel, LuxLyfe, as a way to connect with like-minded people from around the globe who share her love for Luxury Travel, Beauty, Food, Style and Fun. Additionally she is known for hosting a variety of shows on the popular YouTube channel, The Mom’s View. She is passionate about making entertaining and informative content! Sharzad has a combined following of over 86,000 just on social media alone. We cannot wait to hear from her on the panel, How To Start Working With Brands & Get Paid For It.
Cheryl A HawleyCheryl Hawley of The Skinny On Beauty: A journalist at heart, a marketer by trade and an entrepreneur by genetics, Cheryl is a successful builder. Easily motivated by the realm of free space and creativity, her transition from marketing to strategic social media marketing was seamless. Cheryl’s background in the beauty industry, marketing and education (Master’s degree from California State University, Fullerton) launched her current business Unite Socially, a complete marketing/PR firm. She also offers a dynamite online presence through online strategic strategy and blogger outreach. She is the Editor-and-Chief of The Skinny On Beauty: A supporting radio show and blog targeted towards benefiting her clients presence in the areas of beauty, fashion and wellness. In just 3 years Cheryl has gained over 85,000 social media followers. We are very excited to hear her speak on How To Use Social Media To Cultivate An Audience & Promote Your Blog.
Manoj Shah of The Fashion Law Group: TFLG founder, Manoj Shah, focuses on both litigation and transactional work related to intellectual property, employment and labor, business, and the Internet. Manoj counsels individuals trying to launch their own labels; reviews and drafts contracts for designers, models, athletes, musicians, actors, and filmmakers; and protects the rights of creative people as company owners and employees. We are so excited to have Manoj lead the Legal Talk!
Check-in will begin at 8:15 AM followed by the morning reception, which includes a light breakfast. Introductions & the keynote address will begin at 9AM. See below for the complete agenda:
Discovering Your Niche & Engaging Your Audience Led by Heidi Nazarudin of The Successful Style // 9:15 AM
Calling yourself a fashion blogger, beauty blogger, or food blogger is not enough. You’ve got to have a unique message & personality that will appeal to a group of people. That group of people will be your niche and it is your job to find out how to convert them into loyal fans of your blog! Heidi will be walking you through that process by sharing how she found & engaged her niche of career-driven stylish women that inspired her blog, The Successful Style.
How To Easily Create A Blog Or Website With Wix // 9:55 AM
Creating a blog or any kind of website can be a daunting & expensive task. Thankfully, you’ve got a quick & free solution with Wix! They’ll be walking you through how you can easily create your own independently run blog without the need for developers or complicated do-it-yourself coding.
The Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog led by Enrico Moses of 7 Days Theory // 10:25 AM
There’s more than one way to make money from your blog and this is what Enrico will be discussing. He’ll share how he managed to make thousands of dollars before his blog turned 6 months old, along with other methods that are online and offline based. Get ready to monetize!
Break // 10:55 AM
What Brands Need To Know About Working With Digital Influencers led by Mary Vallarta of FAB Counsel // 11:10 AM
Not all bloggers are created equal and not all blogger campaigns equate to instant massive sales for your company! Therefore, you’ve got to know what you’re doing when it comes to partnering with the right digital influencer and with creating an effective campaign. We’ve heard too many horror stories of blogger-brand collaborations gone wrong and we want to prevent that from happening to you! Mary Vallarta, founder of FAB Counsel, works with many companies to provide services in blogger outreach. She will share her knowledge about what you need to know when it comes to working with digital influencers!
How To Use Social Media To Cultivate An Audience & Promote Your Blog led by Cheryl Hawley of The Skinny on Beauty // 11:50 AM
Social media is a blogger’s best friend. But if you don’t know how to use it properly, it can prove to be a frustrating burden. Social media expert, Cheryl Hawley, will be showing you how to most effectively use social media to further promote your blog.
Lunch // 12:20 PM
Why Vlog & How To Crack YouTube led by Jackie Aina of Makeup Game On Point // 1:50 PM
YouTube is the 2nd most widely used search engine in the world. That’s why so many digital influencers and brands are trying to figure out how to build a YouTube following. Jackie will be sharing her own secrets that led her to acquire her 1st 100,000 subscribers and 7 million views! Find out what practices made her a YouTube sensation!
Legal Talk with Manoj Shah of The Fashion Law Group // 2:40 PM
Being a full-time blogger means you are a full-blown entrepreneur with legal responsibilities. You’ve got a business to register and contracts and agreements to create & abide by with the brands you’re working with. Manoj will walk you through the legal issues you need to know!
The Work Ethic of Successful Bloggers – led by Sazan Barzani of // 3:10 PM
Being a recognized blogger requires more than just taking photos & creating blog posts. You need to know how to market your blog and how to keep improving your content so that you can continue to engage & grow your audience. One of the best ways to learn all this is by modeling the behavior of a successful blogger. That’s why we got Sazan Barzani, a renowned style expert and fashion blogger who has appeared on numerous TV networks and magazines like KTLA, CBS, Marie Claire, People Style Watch, & Lucky, on top of working with brands & retailers like Bebe & Nordstroms, to walk you through the work ethic of successful bloggers like her. She will be sharing the practices & behaviors that led to her accomplishments, from content creation, to marketing, to networking, to entrepreneurial discipline. Know what top bloggers are made of!
Energy Break // 3:50 PM
How To Start Working With Brands & Get Paid For It! Feat. Kathy Patalsky of Finding Vegan, Sharzad Kiadeh of LuxLyfe, Enrico Moses of 7 Days Theory, &amp Roxy Limon of All Things Roxy // 4:10 PM
Every blogger wants to work with a brand that they believe in and their readers will appreciate. The hard part is how to get started. How do you approach brands? How do you work with them? And how do you bring up the dreaded question, “how much can you afford to pay me?” These experienced panel of bloggers who have worked with both small & big companies will answer all your questions about how to start working brands & get paid for doing it!
Shop & Mingle – The Closing Party // 5:30 PM (Drinks, snacks, music, & photography will be provided!)

Location:Real Office Centers
604 Arizona Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Are you a blogger who wants to get an additional discount on tickets? Then ask us about our affiliate program where you can get 50% off registration & even more perks! Email info (at) with the subject heading #FABDILab. In the email, include your name, blog link, social media links & why you want to attend & become a #FABDILab affiliate. We’ll get in touch with you ASAP!
Are you a company who wants to inquire about sponsorship opportunities that will put your products or services in front of our speakers & attendees? Then email info (at) with the subject heading #FABDILab Sponsors. In the email, include your name, company name, and website link. We’ll get in touch with you ASAP!
We do not accept ticket returns & refunds.

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