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Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns For Mother’s Day


In the hunt for a kick-ass Mother’s Day campaign that spreads brand awareness, stimulate sales, and gives off a warm fuzzy feeling? We’ve gathered & explained how 4 AWESOME digital campaigns did just that.


Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns For Mother's Day
Seventh Generation’s aim was to place themselves in the center of the Mother’s Day conversation, in an attempt to increase their brand awareness. They accomplished this through a simple campaign that utilized Facebook which asked fans the question, “What is the best advice your mom has ever given you?”. This obviously isn’t an attempt to directly sell Seventh Generation products, but instead is to spark conversation amongst fans and strengthen their relationship with their community by getting to know them better.

Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns For Mother's Day
Sephora’s aim were TRAFFIC & SALES! They accomplished their mission by utilizing the power of Pinterest. It was quite a simple campaign, actually. All they did was create a pin board devoted to Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Sephora products were pinned onto the board using the #mothersday hashtag so whenever a user clicked on any of the pins, they were taken directly to the exact page on the Sephora website where they can purchase that specific product. Simple. Effective.

Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns For Mother's Day
Maidenform’s goal was 2-folds – to increase brand awareness and promote their products. They did this by creating a sweepstakes driven campaign that was supported across all social channels. Users had to share a photo of themselves and their mom and describe how their moms have “shaped” them. The hashtag #MFShapesMe had to be used on all entries. So, this strategy by Maidenform not only puts their brand in the certain of the Mother’s Day conversation, but it also placed their products in the minds of their audience. The sweepstakes prompts people to take a look at the product they can potentially win, perhaps even swaying certain individuals to buy merchandise right at that moment.

This one by Google also combines brand awareness and product. It’s a heartwarming 2 minute video that was shot in the course of 10 days in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and India by a 23 year-old filmmaker using Google Glass (Mashable). It followed his journey to India so that he can surprise his mom with an unexpected visit where he shares the news of his wife’s pregnancy. This video demonstrated what Google Glass can do as a product while appealing to everyone’s hearts by showing the power of a mother’s love. Genius? Yes! We’re not quite sure how much revenue this video generated but it definitely put Google and Google Glass in the center of the Mother’s Day conversation, as well as strengthening their relationships with their current customers and audience.

Whatever digital campaign you come up with for Mother’s Day, remember to start with a goal. That will lead you to create the right strategy and execution. Figure out what’s important to you – is it to drive brand awareness, sales, or both? And also, don’t forget to add a warm and fuzzy element to it. It is after all, Mother’s Day!

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