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How To Get The Right Traffic To Your Online Store

So, you got your online store up. Woohoo! High fives all around.

You’ve got your merchandise uploaded, pretty pictures displayed, and you’ve even got a kick ass brand bio.

But you’re missing one thing – traffic (aka visitors). There’s no one shopping, heck, even browsing your site and zero traffic means 0 sales.

So, just how do you get people to your e-store?

Watch the latest #FABCounselTV episode to find out the 5 things that you can start implementing right away to get the right people to on your site.

The keyword here is RIGHT. You don’t want just random individuals visiting your e-boutique. You want potential customers, people who are actually likely to buy your merchandise. That will lead to higher sales conversions, which is great for business and for online metrics!

So, enjoy the video and join me in the discussion below.