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May 10, 2012

Cher’s Wardrobe App From Clueless Comes to Life

Unless you’re a celebrity, Donald Trump’s new wife, or part of the royal family, most of us can’t afford to…

May 3, 2012

The Woman Behind Society for Rational Dress

Her name is Corinne Grassini (a California native, yeah!) and it didn’t take long for me to admire what she’s…

April 29, 2012

How To Get Into The Buying Offices

If you’re saying, “me, me,” then listen up. I’m going to outline exactly what I did that led me to…

Are Daily Deals Right For Your Fashion Business?

With the numerous daily deal sites out there and the rough economy challenging our finances, it’s hard as a boutique…

April 22, 2012

Style Blender, Where Female Fashionistas Come To Trade

We, women, all have things in our closets we no longer wear. We can’t help it. We go through changes…

April 19, 2012

Artist Turned Jewelry Designer, Valentino Zappi

For Valentino Zappi, conceptualizing and creating beautiful objects is nothing new. The designer used to sculpt and paint before he…