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What Brands Should Look For In Bloggers

What Brands Should Look For In Bloggers

Brands like to work with bloggers because of their influence on consumers. But in order for a collaboration with a…

Digital Marketing

The Importance of A Social Media Calendar

Image courtesy of   We all know how important it is to utilize Social Media for our fashion businesses….


What The Heck is FOB?!

If you’re thinking about owning a store or launching a line, you must know the importance of  FOB, which stands…

How To Increase Followership On Social Media

How To Increase Your Followership On Social Media

Thank you so much for inspiring me to do a new segment called, Q&A Fridays! We’ve been getting great questions…

fashion contracts
December 17, 2014

Fashion Contracts You Need For Manufacturing and Sales

  So you wanna build a fashion brand, eh? Before I go on, check out the upcoming workshop on August…

5 Things Buyers Looks For In New Brands
December 16, 2014

5 Things Buyers Look For In New Brands

Going to a sales meeting, or any meeting for that matter, can be very stressful when you don’t know what…