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How Enrico Moses Makes Thousands Of Dollars With His Lifestyle Blog

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In this episode, we interview menswear & lifestyle blogger, Enrico Moses of 7 Days Theory. We ask questions about blog monetization, how he made thousands of dollars with his blog before it even turned 1 year old, and certain things that every blog should have! Enrico is one of the speakers at #FABDILab, an event designed to teach digital influencers (aka bloggers) how to turn their blog into a money-making business & to teach brands how to effectively work with bloggers.
About Enrico:
Enrico created 7 Days Theory as an outlet to inspire people to follow their passion through thoughtful interviews of exceptional individuals and by sharing his life, with a heavy concentration on his personal style and music. Having had his own clothing line, menswear boutique, and fashion tech startup all before the age of 30, Enrico is an experienced veteran in the business of fashion and retail. Through his blog, he has worked with brands & retailers like Athletic Recon, Gents, Nordstrom, Revolve, and REI. As a result, he was able to sell $30,000 worth of product for his retail & brand partners. Having had his blog for only a little over a year, Enrico has also managed to amass over 15,000 social media followers. We’re so excited to see his workshop on The Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog.
About Enrico’s workshop at #FABDILab:
The Top Ways To Make Money With Your Blog: There’s more than one way to make money from your blog and this is what Enrico will be discussing. He’ll share how he managed to make thousands of dollars before his blog turned 6 months old, along with other methods that are online and offline based. Get ready to monetize!