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How To Increase Store Sales Through Traffic

One of the best ways to increase your store sales is by increasing your store traffic. The more people coming to your establishment, the more sale opportunities you will have. If word of mouth & having a great selection of product is not enough to bring new customers in, then you must invest some time and money into marketing and promotional initiatives. Below are some examples that have worked well for my clients and me. If you don’t feel like reading, watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel :)

1.     Hold a promo sale and advertise it! If you have inventory that you need to get rid of, have a promotional sale. The reason why I say “sale” and not “markdown” is because sale is a temporary price-cut while markdowns are permanent. Providing only a limited time to shop at a discounted rate creates urgency among consumers. This makes them more likely to come to your store at the timeframe you requested.

2.     Use signage! If you have new arrivals, a great sale, or new markdowns, broadcast that by placing a sign right outside your store. This will get people’s attention and will attract them to come inside your space.

3.     Hold a fun event! Consumers love being invited to a special gathering. It makes them feel like they are a part of some exclusive fashion club. Throw a huge or small event that will encourage people to buy. Invite a designer whose line you carry and hold a trunk show. Invite a make-up & hair stylist to join your entire staff and hold a styling party where attendees can get hair & make-up tips, in addition to a personal styling session where you can dress them in an entire new wardrobe. Invite everyone you know and tell the designer and everyone else involved in the event to do the same. Reaching out to all of your contacts will result in more attendees, leading to increased traffic, leading to increased sales.

4.     Advertise! Place some physical or digital ads promoting your store. The kind of ad and the type of placement will depend on your budget, mission, and your customers’ demographics.

5.     Utilize inbound marketing! This is a form of marketing that people have to opt in to receive. It garners attention towards your company by producing valuable content, usually through means of Social Media. So blog posts, tweets, facebook posts, instagram photos are all forms of inbound marketing. Grow your fans and followers and use these outlets to announce new arrivals, sales, and events. This kind of interaction outside your retail establishment is very important in building a continuous relationship with your customers. Inbound marketing is also much cheaper than using traditional forms of marketing, like direct mail. In fact, the average cost to acquire a customer through inbound marketing is $143 compared to outbound marketing, which is $373. The amount of people who use social media on a daily basis is continuing to grow, with Facebook having over 1 billion users. This is why it’s important to show activity and to take advantage of the opportunities inbound marketing can have on your business.

6.     Build your email list. While you ring up the customer to make their purchase, casually ask for their email. Add them to your mailing list and send them sales, announcements, and events regarding your store.

7.     Send out email blasts! Let your regular customers know what’s going on. Send them information about new arrivals, sales, and events.

8.     Try out some daily deals! Companies like Groupon, Daily Candy, and Living Social have thousands, if not millions, of subscribers on their mailing lists. Why not use them to get more customers to your store? Yes, you have to share a percentage of sales but just think of that as a marketing expense, which is your acquisition cost (the cost to acquire a customer). Many people advise against using Daily Deals because customers who opt to buy deals don’t usually end up being repeat clients. But that really just stems from the business owner’s poor planning. Here are the steps to make Daily deals effective for your store:

  • Identify your target demographic and make sure that your deals only go out to these people
  • Ensure that you have enough inventory to sell once customers walk in the door. I’d hate to have a bought a deal and not have any product to use it on.
  • Treat Daily Deal customers just like you would treat your regular customers. This is where you will create the most impact. If you give them the best service, they will be more than likely to come back and become a regular customer.
  • Get their emails! Casually ask for people’s emails. This will give you the chance to send them information about sales & events happening at your store. This will lead to customers, increasing your traffic.

– For a more in-depth explanation on how to use Daily Deals for our fashion retail store, here is a great article I previously wrote.

As you action the suggestions I have given you to increase your store traffic, make sure you target the right people. The right kind of people are your core customers, individuals who are most likely to buy your merchandise. Figure out their age, purchasing behavior, where they spend time online, and anything else that can help you assess the best way to reach them. Knowing your audience will save you lots of time and money and will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional efforts.

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