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Mobile Is The Future

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion dollars! That’s one huge chuck of change. Can I get just 1% of that? :) But enough about my silly requests. This just further solidifies the importance of mobile social sharing. If you’re not already all over that trend, get on it! Any brand, designer, or store owner should be utilizing Instagram and other mobile social media outlets. You can be sharing your products, inventory, inspirations and lives, leading to more customer engagement. And Android users, good news for you. Instagram is now also available for you guys, as well!

Now, for those unfamiliar with Instagram, it’s a free app that lets you share photographs beautifully on your mobile device. Enhance any picture with their easy to use special effect features and easily transform a boring photo to an awesome one! The same tagging principles from Twitter apply here: use “#” for subjects and “@” for mentions. To build your followers, link Instagram to your FB and Twitter account. Follow people and “like” their photos. To direct more traffic to your Instagram photos, make sure you opt for the option to have all of your Instagram posts simultaneously on feed onto your FB and Twitter, as well. Piece of cake, right?

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