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How To Prepare Your Brand For Influencer Marketing Success

This post, whether you read the article or watch the video, is about teaching you how to prepare your brand effectively so that when you start influencer marketing, it actually works. In case you are unfamiliar, influencer marketing is when you work with someone with a significant online following to promote your brand or your product. It’s similar to celebrity endorsements but it mostly focuses on online personalities such as bloggers and youtubers. These individuals will work with you to introduce your brand or product to their audience in exchange for some type of payment, usually in the form of money and/or product.

Influencer marketing is a very easy concept but it does take the proper preparation for it to work. You can also look at the preparation as a strategy, and lack of strategy is the reason why many brands have not seen effective and significant results despite the time and/or money they’ve put into their influencer activities.

Now, the process to prepare your brand for influencer marketing success can be a long one. So to help you get started, here are the core steps we, ourselves, have used to prepare our clients to be able to drive tens of thousands of dollars in sales through influencer marketing. Here goes:

Be clear on your brand. That means know your brand story, aesthetic and mission. That way, you can partner with the right influencer who reflects the look and feel of your brand.


Be clear on your target customer.

Without knowing this information, you run the risk of partnering with an influencer who may not have the audience mix that matches your customer demographic. That means, low probability of engagement, website visits and sales.

Know the product(s) you want to promote.

Be clear on what you want the influencers to promote on your behalf. That way, they’ll be able to suggest the most effective way to communicate it to their audience.

Have a website that is ready for significant traffic.

This is especially true if you’ll be working with powerhouse influencers like Sincerely Jules, Song of Style, or Michelle Phan. These ladies have a massive audience and they do have the ability to direct tons of traffic to your site. The last thing you want is for your site to malfunction, crash, or run out of product too early. Make sure you get ahead on this so that you maximize this opportunity to the fullest.

Know your budget.

Some influencers don’t require monetary payment but some do. So, it’s best to know how much money you can spend beforehand so you can reach out to influencers that match your budget.

Have tracking capabilities.

Don’t start any type of influencer marketing campaign if you have no way of tracking how many visits and sales an influencer has generated for you. You’ve got to be able to measure these hits so that you can assess whether a partnership was a success or failure. The truth is, not every influencer you work with will be an effective partner. That means, you’ve got to know who will be so that you can continue to work with them and others who are like them.


The process to prepare your business for influencer marketing success is a critical first step you can’t skip. It’s your job, not the influencer’s to ensure that your campaigns are effective and lead to the results you want to capture. If you’d like more information on our influencer marketing programs, email If you’d like to learn about our influencer marketing course, email for workshop details.