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Should You Exhibit At A Tradeshow?


Tradeshow season is almost here and I bet a lot of you are wondering, “Should I exhibit my brand at a tradeshow?”

First, I want to point out that I do not recommend doing a tradeshow if you just launched and have yet to acquire sales. The reason is you first want to get your product out directly to customers first. That way, you can prove that there is a need for your merchandise in the market. This process is called finding your product market fit. Once you’ve done that, then tradeshows can actually be a great way for you to expand your sales by distributing to retailers.

After reading this, you may say, “I do have my product market fit. Now what? How do I determine whether it’s the right time for me to take my line to a tradeshow?”

Watch the latest #FABCounselTV episode to hear the 7 factors that will help you determine whether your line is ready to exhibit at a tradeshow.

As always, thanks so much for watching!

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