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June 21, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Sell To Retailers

As a fashion designer or brand owner, you shouldn’t sell to retailers, meaning don’t treat it like selling to them is the main and end goal. Yes, sales are important but think about the objective behind sales, which is to get your fashion on as many of your target customers as possible. Getting your line into retail shops is just one way of you doing that. This means that your intention when you talk to a buyer shouldn’t be “I want to sell you my line”. Instead, come from the perspective of knowing that there’s an opportunity for you to bring them product that their customers would actually buy, and as a result, will make them money. Again, your end goal isn’t to just sell. It’s to get your target consumers to wear your product. Therefore, working with retailers can allow you to accomplish this goal faster. That means, that you can look at them as partners who help put your line in front of more customers.

To do this, here are 3 simple rules to follow:

Focus on the customer, not sales.

When you approach a buyer, be more concerned about having something for them that they’re customers will want to buy. Don’t make it about you selling your line. Make it about them being able to offer something valuable or new or in demand to their customers. If they sense that your line will appeal to their customers, they’ll see the potential money they can make and will want to continue the conversation of doing business with you.

Be prepared to back up your claim.

Once you have them interested, they’ll most likely want to have a meeting with you. That means, be prepared with all the supplies and information you need to back up all the claims you made in your prior conversation. Bring samples, line sheets, rolling racks and anything else you need to properly display and talk about your line. Come prepared knowing key information like turnaround time, pricing, what’s selling, your current distribution and more. This is the time you’ve got to perform at your best to prove to the buyer that your line is right for their customers and that you can deliver accurately and on time.

Know that you’re actually there to help.

How is this possible? Because you’re showing them products that they can make their customers happy, which is turn, will make them more money! If you truly did your research and you verified that the retailers’ customers are a match to yours, then there’s no reason why your products shouldn’t sell at their store. That means that you’re basically helping them make more money by presenting your line!

So the next time the thought of selling to retailers make you feel queasy, just remember to shift your perspective from sales to customers and from selling to helping. That will make all the difference!

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