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May 31, 2012

Snapette, The App For Snap-Happy Fashionistas

It’s no secret that technology has made our lives so much easier, especially when it comes to finding great restaurants, awesome deals online, and accessibility to endless amount of music. But what about real-life physical shopping? Not online shopping, but shopping as in, you going to an actual physical location to buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up, and everything else we need to be our fabulous selves. Sure, there’s yelp and foursquare but those two are too generalized for me. I want something that’s particularly catered to helping me find the best stores and deals whenever and wherever I go. Lucky for me, and for all of you, there is a magical new app that does exactly that and its name is Snapette! Snapette makes it easy to find the stores right for your style and needs based on your geographical location. This is totally helpful when you’re travelling and need to buy an outfit for that unexpected romantic date in a foreign city. But not only that, Snapette also allows its users to snap photos of what they as see as they shop. Those photos can then be tagged to their appropriate brand and retailer, making shopping even easier for everyone!

Like any amazing product, Snapette was first just an idea, an idea concocted by co-founder, Jinhee, when she realized how hard it was to find cool shops during her residence in London. [This lady is both a fashionista and a business woman due to her background as a business consultant and then later as a fashion designer for Ralph Lauren.] However, the idea didn’t begin to take full speed until she met her co-founder, Sarah, at a Harvard reunion. Yes, both these brilliant ladies went to Harvard. Sarah is a passionate shopper and loves looking stylish. “Like many avid shoppers, I’ve had no formal fashion training. It’s just something that you grow up with,” says Sarah. And like Jinhee, she too has a very strong business background due to her work in private equity with Berkshire Partners, McKinsey & Co, and Goldman Sachs. After meeting each other at the reunion, the two sat down for coffee, and then later went full force to develop the initial Snapette prototype. Since neither Sarah and Jinhee knew how to program, they hired developers to code Snapette. Their decision to outsource is a good entrepreneurial move since finding the right technical co-founder can take months.

After acquiring stellar investors and advisors, like Dave McClure, Snapette is now taking the fashion and retail world by storm! Retailers and brands, just imagine the possibilities with this new app! You can photograph and share your newly arrived merchandise, announce sales and special offers, and even do impromptu promo deals. You can even see what kind of merchandise and sales your competitors are doing. With Snapette, you can incentivize your current client base and attract new customers at the same time. This feature is what distinguishes Snapette from other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Because updates and announcements are not restricted to followers and fans, growing your consumer base is much easier and is more geographically relevant. But let’s not forget another perk, which is Snapette’s ability to let you see the shopping patterns and fashions in different cities and regions.

So what are you waiting for? Join the other snap-happy fashionistas & download the free Snapette app now to make your offline shopping experience easier and more enjoyable! If you’re a retailer or brand, sign up now to be a member of Snapette and take your digital marketing to the next level.



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