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How To Get In Front Of Your Target Market

How To Get In Front Of Your Target Market

  Target market is just a fancy word that means, customers. Therefore, the aim of the video is to help you…


5 Key Components Of A Strong Marketing Message

  When it comes to marketing, have you ever wondered – WHAT MAKES A STRONG MARKETING MESSAGE? What makes customers…

Why Your Social Media Content Doesn't Have To Go Viral

Why Your Social Media Content Doesn’t Have To Go Viral

Anyone generating content on the internet knows that going viral is the end goal. 1 million hits is what we…

January 14, 2013

Free Webinar On Social Media For Fashion

Want to us to hold a free webinar that will teach you techniques on how to use Social Media for…


Mobile Is The Future

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion dollars! That’s one huge…

How to best update your Pinterest

Are You Getting Your Pinterest On?

Is anyone as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? I have boards for shoes, accessories, seasonal collections, fashion inspirations, style…