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The Top Business Books For Fashion Entrepreneurs

Fashion entrepreneurs should read business books. Why? Because the majority of things that you’ll be doing involves real business know-how. You’ll need to:

  1. create a business plan
  2. hire and manage staff
  3. look at and analyze sales data
  4. create a budget for the next season’s assortment
  5. pitch and sell to buyers
  6. negotiate with manufacturers

Again, this is just a taste of the type of business dealings and transactions that you’ll regularly experience. So what to do? After all, no one is born knowing this stuff and not everyone had the the luxury of working with or being mentored by an experienced business professional. The next best option is to READ! So, here are a list of the top business books that fashion entrepreneurs should read. I’ve personally read these as well and I can vouch that I still go back and reference these books till this day. That’s how the real-world principles that are in them. I’ll be adding to this list as time goes by. Happy reading!

  1. Start With Why // Simon Sinek // For branding, management, and leadership
  2. How To Win Friends & Influence People // Dale Carnegie // For human relations
  3. Ziglar on Selling // Zig Ziglar // For  selling
  4. Built To Last // Jim Collins // For creating a strong long-lasting business
  5. The Lean Startup // Eric Reis // For knowing how to start + run a startup company
  6. Getting Things Done // David Allen  // For knowing how to prioritize and get things done
  7. Delivering Happiness: A Path To Profit, Passion & Purpose // Tony Hsieh // For starting and running a company that values it customers + employees
  8. Permission Marketing // Seth Godin // For marketing in the new age
  9. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping // Paco Underhill // For understanding consumer behavior
  10. Start Something That Matters // Blake Mycoskie // A guide on creating a business that marries fun, profit, and social good.