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July 26, 2017

What Goes On A Linesheet?

Are you a new fashion designer or brand owner looking to sell to retailers? Well before you do, one of the most important tools you should have is a linesheet. Think of it as a catalog that buyers use to order merchandise from your collection. That means you’ve got to have the proper information on your linesheet to give the buyers the information they need to make their decisions. This latest youtube video will list out the most important data to include in your linesheet. That’s why it’s called, “What Goes On A Linesheet!” I’ve also created a linesheet template for those of you who may not have advanced Photoshop or graphic design skills to create one from scratch. All you need is Excel or Google Sheets to use this template, as well as basic typing and copy and paste skills. As always, if you feel called, like and share this video with those who can benefit from it. Thank you for watching!

P.S. Not sure how you’ll be pricing your merchandise? Watch this video on How To Set Prices For Your Fashion Brand.