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Why Your Social Media Content Doesn’t Have To Go Viral-0

Why Your Social Media Content Doesn’t Have To Go Viral

Anyone generating content on the internet knows that going viral is the end goal. 1 million hits is what we all want, right? Wrong! Your social media content doesn’t have to go viral. This weekend while I got the privilege to attend the FMM Summit, a day dedicated to exploring the intersecting worlds of fashion and technology, a panel of very experienced figures in the world of retail, digital marketing and publishing, brought up something very important that not enough people know about; viral means nothing. Sure, getting a million hits is great. But if those million hits didn’t produce any leads or growth for your business, then it’s pretty pointless. It’s all about quality here. Wouldn’t you rather have 10K hits that produced 2K leads than a million hits that produced 0 leads? Your main goal in generating content should be to offer something valuable to your core consumers because those are the people who will generate revenue for your business. If your content does go viral and still produces amazing leads, then great! If it doesn’t, go back to the drawing board. So, the next time you create a video that has something to do with shopping, styling, or whatever your fashion-driven business calls for, just aim for leads. Don’t aim for the viral hits. Again, to do this, you have to create content that gives value to your customer and addresses their needs. In addition, you must know how, where and when to communicate that content to your customer, whether that be video, written, or image-based.

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