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The Worst Social Media Tactics

Social media can be overwhelming, confusing, and even scary to many newbies out there who are just now starting to use it for their businesses. There are a lot of resources and programs on the web that teach people tricks and strategies that can grow followers, stimulate engagement, and even lead to sales. While all this is great, many run the risk of following very bad advice that can actually hurt their social media presence. To combat that, take a look at our list of the The Worst Social Media Tactics you don’t want to make.

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    1. Automating all your updates to make your life easier.

      Since social media is a time consuming activity, it’s very tempting to just automate each post. But a huge part of social media involves conversing with your audience in real-time as things happen, much like how real life interaction goes. When everything is automated, all you’re doing is talking at your followers, not with them. That is no way to stimulate engagement amongst your current audience nor is it a good way to attract new followers. It’s OK to automate certain posts, such as announcements about sales, events, latest blog post. But make sure you integrate it with real-time dialogue.


  1. Sending Direct Messages (DM’s) to users who follower your Twitter account.

    These messages that say “thank you”, “lets connect on Facebook”, “visit my website” are some of the most annoying things to see on Twitter. In fact, they are perceived as spam and are mostly ignored by users. Don’t annoy people who follow you. It shows how little you know about social media etiquette.


  1. Auto-publishing your posts across all social networks

    Posting once vs. posting 3 or 4 times across multiple social media platforms sounds very tempting, doesn’t it? However, this is a major no-no. Each platform has different posting formats, language and requirements. Therefore, when you push through a Tumblr post on Facebook, certain hashtags, moving GIF’s, and videos may not make sense or even appear properly. Furthermore, different social media platforms have distinct accepted behaviors and etiquette. For example, users get annoyed on Facebook when they see too many posts from the same brand. But on Twitter, multiple tweets in a given day are totally acceptable. That’s why it’s not a good idea to push through tweets on your timeline.


  1. Hiring a third party agency to manage your entire social media activity

    No one knows your brand and customers better than you. That’s why it’s so important for the brand itself to do manage their social media activity themselves. You’re the ones who have direct contact with your customers. You have immediate access to the products and services that you sell. Use that to your advantage and be the authentic voice behind your social media handles. Your followers will notice it!


  1. Being on all of the social media sites

    Do you advertise on all possible media vehicles such as print magazines, TV, billboards, etc? If your answer is no then why should you need to be on each and every social media platform? YOU DON’T! You pick the platform that is right for your business and where your customers and potential customers are most likely to be.


  1. Posting x amount of times per day

    Don’t post for the sake of posting. Only do it when you’ve got something to say that is valuable, relevant, and entertaining for your followers. Otherwise, your posts will be seen as boring, empty, or even intrusive.


  1. Focusing on only 1 social media platform

    Makes sense doesn’t it? Since social media is time consuming and takes time to learn, why not put all your focus on just Facebook, or just Twitter, or just Instagram. There problem with this methodology is that you can never be 100% sure that a certain platform will be the best one for your brand. It takes some experimentation and time so you’ll never be able to find out which platforms work best if you don’t try out several.


  1. Ignoring to use social media because your customers aren’t there

    The numbers are against those of you who think that your customers and potential customers aren’t on social media. 74% of adult internet users are on social media, people with financial decision making power. In addition to that, there are over 1 billion people just on Facebook alone, and that number is continuing to rise each day as more individuals get access to mobile devices. So therefore, your target demographic is present on at least one social media platform. If you’re not taking advantage of this, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to further connect with your current customers and recruit new ones.


  1. Using social media without a strategy

    Social media is a form of marketing. And just like any other marketing campaign, you need a strategy to ensure its progress, growth, and proper execution. Too many businesses are using social media blindly, not having a content direction, growth strategy, or vision for what kind of voice and image they want to spread across the different social media platforms. Functioning without a strategy makes it harder for a business to be consistent with their content posting, follower engagement, and metric readings.


  1. Not measuring social media progress & metrics

    Not measuring your progress and metrics means that you won’t have the information that you need to improve your social media activities. Therefore, it will make it much harder for you to grow your followers, build a relationship with them, and learn how to keep them engaged and interacting with you. Businesses who don’t pay attention to their social media metrics and progress are usually the ones who don’t have a strategy.

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